Sunday, November 27, 2005

Intimacy Issues

I like you
Do you like me?
Why? If I dont like you, will you stop liking me?
No, but I would prefer it if you liked me too
So, you won't hate me for not liking you?
So, you dont like me?
No I never said that
So, you like me?
No I never said that
OK you are confusing, I dont like you anymore
Phew! that was close

Useless stuff

They say if life hands you lemons, make lemonade - well what if I dont like lemonade? What if I'm an orange or cranberry person?

I'm walking
I pick up my pace
Soon I'm running
Running through the park
The wind blowing in my hair
Sweat trickling down my forehead
OK, now im tired.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



There was once a banana, he lived with another bunch ofbananas....
they were all happy until one day the banana said he wanted to be something more than a banana.....

he said....why cant i be a peach....peaches are sweet, are nice are colourful and shapely or why cant i be a cherry....they are small but a lovely red and theyhave these lovely stems or perhaps i could be a lovely mango, with its sweet fragrance and bright colour

but his desire to be anything but a banana was shot down by the bunch of bananas...they said....god made you a banana so u will remain a banana.

The poor banana was very upset and he went into a corner and cried all night....all the tears rolled down and suddenly everything went mushy....he noticed his skin turning black....and suddenly the banana was no more.....


You are so wonderful. SO WONDERFUL that the word wonderful doesnt do justice to your wonderfulness. So I guess you aren't wonderful. You're something else...I just don't know what that something else is.


He asked where I was going
I said 'Im not sure'
He said ' How perfect! I'm not sure either. How wonderful it is to meet you on this journey that we're nto sure of'

So hand in hand we trotted on an unsure journey